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1st Seminar: Vasilis Manousakis, "Black Market in Greece, 1941-1944"

Manousakis Vasilis (Historian, Dr. AUTH)
Andreas Kakridis (Ionian University)

The severance of occupied Greece from its traditional overseas markets, the widespread hoarding and concealment of production from the authorities, the purchases (and looting) of various goods by the occupiers, the collapse of the transport network and the diminished agricultural production due to the war were among the main causes of the emergence of the Black Market. However, this phenomenon was not one-dimensional nor was it characterized by uniformity and stability in time and space. The different 'colors' of the market ('White', 'Black', 'gray'), the geographical differences according to local conditions, the fluctuations depending on the course of the war and the role of the occupation authorities and the puppet governments (attempted repression but also cases of complicity), as well as the social consequences of the phenomenon are some of the aspects that will be addressed in this presentation.

Date and Time: Monday 2 November 2020, 16.00-18.00

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