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RSE/IREH CFPs: Fast Track & special issues on Colonial Legacy in South Asia and Global Banking History

06-03-2024 21:33

Τhe Rivista di Storia Economica/Italian Review of Economic History is happy to share three open CFPs:


- RSE/IREH Fast track review meeting - Verona, May 23-24, 2024. Deadline for draft articles or long abstracts (at least 2,000 words): March 31, 2024. All info at:


- Colonial Legacy in South Asia – special issue proposal (Guest editors: Tirthankar Roy and Maanik Nath). Deadline for paper submission: July 1, 2024. All info at:


- The Banking history in a global perspective – special issue proposal (Guest editor: Paolo Di Martino). Deadline for paper submission: January 31, 2025. Deadline for preliminary abstract for a possible workshop to be held in Turin in October 2024: June 1, 2024. All info at:


Regular submissions are always open through our submission system:


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