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Call for articles in Investigaciones de Historia Económica - Economic History Research: Special Issue on Gender

06-03-2024 21:56

The recent Nobel Prize awarded to prof. Claudia Goldin highlights the importance of understanding the evolution and drivers of gender differences in our societies. The journal Investigaciones de Historia Económica – Economic History Research (IHE-EHR) is preparing a special issue to honour the work of prof. Goldin and present novel research on the causes and consequences of gender disparities. The editors invite contributions on a wide array of topics that may include (among others) some of the following themes:

  • The long-run evolution and drivers of female labour outcomes (e.g. wages, labor force participation, labor conditions), demographic outcomes (e.g. fertility, nuptiality, morbidity, mortality) or educational outcomes (e.g. enrolment, years of schooling).
  • The consequences of gender disparities for living standards, household economic strategies, etc.
  • Female entrepreneurship.
  • The political consequences of female political representation.
  • The gendered impacts of welfare states and tax systems.
  • The interaction of gender with class, race and other factors in generating unequal outcomes.

We welcome studies taking a long-term perspective from a wide geographical and temporal coverage. We will consider both comparative studies and studies on single locations, sectors, or businesses. Papers should be written in Spanish or English.

The deadline for the submission of papers is July 31st, 2024. Manuscripts should be submitted via, following the standard process, and indicating that they are directed to this special call. Manuscripts will be peer reviewed according to the journal’s standard practice. For more information on the author guidelines, please visit

The aim of the editorial team is to publish the special issue in 2025.

The editors of the special issue are:

Investigaciones de Historia Económica - Economic History Research is the journal of the Spanish Economic History Association (AEHE). It is open access and Q1 in History (SJR, Scopus). It is also indexed in the Journal of Citation Reports.


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