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YSI-Economic History Graduate Webinars

We’re launching a virtual graduate seminar in Economic History. 60 minute online talks with discussion, free to everyone to sign up and participate.
It will be a good way for economic history graduate students to stay in touch and make everybody feel more energized and motivated. This would also be the occasion to get feedback on your ongoing quarantine work. It also aims to make up for all the cancelled conferences and seminars where we would have tested our research.

Video Lecture Series, Institute for Banking and Financial History, Frankfurt am Main

The Institute for Banking and Financial History Frankfurt am Main (IBF) is introducing its Video Lecture Series as a platform where economic historians and economists will offer insights into their current research. In cooperation with the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE it presents the SAFE-IBF Policy Webinar featuring Moritz Schularick, University of Bonn, with a lecture on "How We Pay for It: The Financial Costs of Great Crises". The webinar will be moderated by Jan Pieter Krahnen, Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE and Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, and will take place on April 22nd, 3 - 3.45pm CEST.

CfP: ”Gender in Economic History”, Special issue, Scandinavian Economic History Review

In this special issue, we invite new empirical and theoretical contributions in order to understand the status of gender perspectives within ongoing economic historical research in the Nordic region and elsewhere. What is the status of gender research and how is gender and intersectional theory used in the field – and with what results? Which new theoretical understandings have been introduced? Is research with a gender approach challenging or even changing the discipline of economic history? In addition, how do these perspectives contribute to the larger field of gender studies?

CfP: "Epidemics in History", Special issue, Investigaciones de Historia Económica/Economic History Research

Following the recent sanitary events and the particular interest aroused in academia, mass media, and the general public, Investigaciones de Historia Económica/Economic History Research invites submissions for a special issue on the topic Epidemics in History. The editors believe in the relevance of the study on the effects of pandemics in the past in order to show how societies dealt with similar situations and the lessons that we can obtain in the present and the future. The special issue aims to include papers with a wide chronological and geographical coverage and a multidisciplinary approach with a special emphasis on the economic effects of pandemics in the past. 

European Macro History Online Seminars, Graduate Institute, Geneva, 21.4-9.6.2020

The Graduate Institute and a consortium of sixteen other institutions is launching a Europe-wide virtual seminar in Macroeconomic History. At a time when general confinement had led to university closures and widespread cancellations of seminar series, workshops and conferences, this initiative aims to keep the flow of intellectual debate active.

The Historical Revue / La Revue Historique, vol. 16 (2019)

The Historical Review is an annual refereed journal of historical research in the human sciences published by the Section of Neohellenic Research, IHR / NHRF.
La Revue Historique est une revue annuelle de recherche historique en sciences humaines publiée par la Section de Recherches Néohelléniques, IRH / FNRS.

Αναστολή επόμενων σεμιναρίων ΕΕΟΙ

Δεδομένης της κρίσης της δημόσιας υγείας, η ΕΕΟΙ αναστέλλει τα επόμενα σεμινάριά της, που διεξάγονταν στο Εθνικό Ίδρυμα Ερευνών. Το Δ.Σ. εξετάζει τις δυνατότητες διεξαγωγής κάποιων σεμιναρίων μέσω τηλεδιασκέψεων και σε περίπτωση που αυτό γίνει εφικτό θα ενημερώσει  τους φίλους και τα μέλη της.

The Long View on Epidemics, Disease and Public Health: Research from Economic History

The editors of the Economic History Review, the Journal of Economic History, Explorations in Economic History and the European Review of Economic History, have composed a review blog detailing articles on disease which have appeared in these journals.  The publishers have agreed to provide free access to same, from DOI links embedded in the blog.

This blog is pertinent given the COVID pandemic, and a timely reminder that economic and social history can inform contemporary debates on a wide range of economic and social issues.

2020 Online Economic History Workshop Submission: Responding To Crisis (27-31.7.2020)

2020 Online Economic History Workshop Submission: Responding To Crisis (27-31.7.2020)
The 2020 Workshop is soliciting for papers that look at how people, culture, businesses, institutions, or governments respond to a crisis as the crisis is taking place. Crises of interest include pandemics, natural disasters, political disasters , and man made disasters. Financial disasters may be considered if the financial disaster was caused by one of the previously mentioned disasters.

The selection committee asks that each submission designate a principal author to present the paper at the conference. An author can be listed for more than one submission, but they can only be the principal author for a single submission. The conference expects that the principal author will be available to present 11:30am to 1pm Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -04:00) on the date of their panel. The conference also expects the principal author to have a microphone and internet access fast enough to utilize Zoom to present their work. The panel is broadcast live on YouTube.

Papers submitted must be works in progress rather than accepted or published work. Submitters should let the program committee know at the time of application if the paper they are proposing has already been submitted for publication. The last date to submit a paper proposal is May 15th.  Papers can be submited at

Dossier "Au cœur des mutations du négoce en Méditerranée. Les acteurs et leurs choix (Smyrne, XVIIe-XXe siècle)", Rives méditerranéennes 59 (2019)

Dossier "Au cœur des mutations du négoce en Méditerranée. Les acteurs et leurs choix (Smyrne, XVIIe-XXe siècle)", Thierry Allain, Sébastien Lupo & Elena Frangakis-Syrett (eds.)

Μνήμων, τχ. 36 (2017-2018)

Μνήμων, τχ. 36 (2017-2018)

Έκδοση: Εταιρεία Μελέτης Νέου Ελληνισμού



ΑΝΔΡΕΑΣ ΚΟΦΙΝΑΚΗΣ, Ο πρώιμος συνοδισμός των Πνευματικών Φραγκισκανών και των Μπεγκίνων του Λανγκντόκ

ΜΑΡΙΟΣ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΑΔΗΣ, Το θέατρο ως εργαλείο προώθησης πολιτικών και οικονομικών διεκδικήσεων στις αγγλικές πόλεις του ύστερου Μεσαίωνα

ΑΝΔΡΟΝΙΚΗ ΔΙΑΛΕΤΗ, Κατακτώντας τον κόσμο του βιβλίου στη Βενετία: η εκδοτική παρουσία και δημόσια εικόνα του Άλδου Μανούτιου

ΔΑΦΝΗ ΛΑΠΠΑ, Χριστιανοί του ανατολικού δόγματος στην πόλη της βενετικής Κέρκυρας (16ος-18ος αι.)

ΣΟΦΙΑ ΜΑΤΘΑΙΟΥ, Σχέδια για την ίδρυση "Εταιρείας των εν Γοτίγγη Γραικών" κατά τις παραμονές της Επανάστασης του '21

ΑΝΤΩΝΗΣ ΔΙΑΚΑΚΗΣ, Εφοδιάζοντας το πολιορκημένο Μεσολόγγι (1825-1826)

 ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ ΓΟΝΑΤΙΔΗΣ, Αυτόχειρες στην Ερμούπολη τον 19ο αιώνα

ΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΑ ΔΕΔΕ, Απόπειρες δικτύωσης του Κόμματος Φιλελευθέρων, 1910-1912

ΙΩΑΝΝΗΣ Σ. ΧΑΛΚΟΣ, Ο Θεόδωρος Πάγκαλος και ο αναθεωρητισμός απέναντι στην Τουρκία

ΜΑΡΙΑ ΦΡΑΓΚΟΥ, Δραστηριότητες προστασίας και ζητήματα διπλωματίας στο Ολοκαύτωμα

ΜΑΡΙΑ ΠΟΥΛΟΥ, Ένα μνημείο για την Αντίσταση στη δεκαετία του 1950

ΕΛΕΟΝΩΡΑ ΒΡΑΤΣΚΙΔΟΥ, Η τρίτη ανακάλυψη του Θεόφιλου Χατζημιχαήλ

ΣΠΥΡΟΣ ΚΑΚΟΥΡΙΩΤΗΣ, Το αίτημα για θεατρική αποκέντρωση και η ίδρυση των Δημοτικών Περιφερειακών θεάτρων (1983)

OLIVIER ZELLER, Μια αναδρομική ματιά στη σύγχρονη ιστορία των πόλεων στη Γαλλία (περ. 2000-2016)


ΧΡΙΣΤΙΝΑ ΚΟΥΛΟΥΡΗ, Η Έκθεση "Ιωάννης Καποδίστριας: Η πορεία του στον χρόνο" στη Βουλή των Ελλήνων (Νοέμβριος 2016 - Ιούλιος 2018)

Δ. Λαμπροπούλου, Β. Καραμανωλάκης, Α. Αμπούτης, Β. Μανουσάκης, Ό. Κατσιαρδή-Hering, Δ. Τσερές, Λ. Φλιτούρης, Β. Θεοδώρου


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