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CfP: Research Design Course for PhD students, Cracow, 6-8 November 2017

04-05-2017 01:52

The European graduate School for Training in Economic and Social historical Research (ESTER) is looking for participants for its annual Research Design Course (RDC). This year the RDC takes place in Cracow (Poland), from 6 to 8 November, 2017.

The RDC aims to assist PhD candidates in crafting a high-quality research design for their dissertation, under the guidance of a team of leading senior researchers. The goal is to sharpen research questions, increase the focus of the thesis and become aware of the methodological choices that need to be made. In preparation, the PhD students are asked to write a paper of around 25 pages, in which they reflect on the structure of their PhD. Each paper is examined in a separate session of 70 minutes, which starts with a presentation and is followed by comments by a peer commentator and a senior commentator, after which a general discussion ensues.

The RDC is open to a maximum of 40 PhD students working in social or economic history. They should be at the very least at the end of their first year, and before the methodology is fully established. The working language is English.

Students should apply online, and more information is available on the ESTER website. The organisation covers the cost of dinners and three nights of accommodation. PhD students from Easter Europe in particular are encouraged to apply, for whom subsidies are available for travel costs and an extra night of accommodation.

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