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CfP: "Capitalism and the Environment from Stockholm to COP28: New historical research on the role of business and labor", University of Lausanne, 9-10 November 2023

The aim of this conference is to bring together recent, evidence-based historical research on the role business and labor actors played in climate and environmental policies during the period that runs from the United Nation’s Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm, in 1972, until the Conference of the Parties to be held in the United Arab Emirates in November this year. We invite submissions that focus attention on the political actions or social practices of individual corporations, CEOs, business organizations or federations, consultants, scientific experts, labor unions, workers’ coalitions, whistleblowers, etc. How did these corporate and labor actors react to the growing public attention given to human-made environmental degradation since the 1960s? How did they position themselves towards scientific evidence on climate change? What kind of transnational networks were established between actors in Europe or North America and groups in the Global South? In what circumstances did organized labor oppose the regulation of various types of pollution to the preservation of economic growth and jobs? What impact did neoliberal paradigms have on the integration of business actors into global climate governance? What strategies were put into place to influence regulations of air and water pollution on a national level? Were there conflicts between different business and labor actors on these strategies? How did lobbying influence the work of international organizations or domestic political processes? It is therefore not the history of technological innovation or management practices that is at the center of this conference, but that of power relations involving business and labor.

CfP: "Integrating the Rural World. Economy, Society and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe, 1848-1939", University of Sibiu, 2-5 November 2023
The conference aims to open a forum of reflection and debate on how national elites in Central and Eastern Europe have related to the peasantry in the process of building the modern state and a democratic political system, and the way political integration took place, by transforming peasants from subjects of different public actors into active citizens. The politicization of the rural world, in the sense of increasing the participation of peasants in public affairs and their identification with certain ideas concerning the ‘common good,’ was an integral part of the phenomenon of modern transformation of societies in these regions. We wish to document the approach to the peasantry and the action of central and local state institutions (such as the school and the army). of associations of all kinds, and of different social actors (intellectuals, teachers, local notables, priests representing the local authority), focusing on the channels of communication of their modernizing agenda (such as the church or the press), circumscribed to the large register of modernization. Our aim is to also explore the impact of the penetration of modernity in the village world, such as the migration of labor to the cities as a result of industrialization, the secularization of the village, the spread of political radicalism, etc.


Economic History Society Postdoctoral Visiting Fellowships

The Economic History Society, in conjunction with the Institute of Historical Research, offers up to three one-year postdoctoral Fellowships in economic and/or social history, tenable at the Institute from 1 October 2023. Fellows will not be required to be resident in London but should participate in the activities of the Institute by regular attendance at, and presentation of papers to, appropriate seminars – including the Fellows’ Seminar – and by giving information and help to fellow scholars working in the same field.

Post-doctoral researcher for the SocFace project, The French Institute of Demography

The French Institute of Demography is recruiting a post-doctoral researcher for the SocFace project to explore the database obtained from French censuses from 1836 to 1936.

Assistant Professor in Economic and Social History, Utrecht University

Utrecht University's Economic and Social History group is seeking to appoint an assistant professor (tenured) focusing on historical inequality and technological change. Technological change in the broadest sense -- from simple mechanization to advanced digital technologies -- holds promises of increased productivity and consumption, but also influences social and economic inequalities and the sustainable development of labor markets and the environment. Understanding these long-term processes and their interplay, within and between different parts of the world, requires new data and methods, and the section wants to extend its research and teaching expertise in these directions.

Workshop "History and Social Sciences: debates in Economic History", Theme: "Capitalism in historical perspective. Approaches and debates", Madrid, 29.5-2.6.2023

This workshop “History and Social Sciences: debates in Economic History” aims at debating and deepening some of the main approaches in economic history. Addressed mainly to Ph.D. students and young researchers, is interdisciplinary in nature, reflecting the profound renewal in the field and in the relationship between history and social sciences: it encourages a collective scientific and methodological discussion on how History and Social Sciences relate to each other, and on research practices in different geographical contexts. This intention stems from the observation that each discipline–or area of specialization–perceives the others according to stereotypes in which none of them ultimately recognizes itself. The gap between “historical economics” and “narrative history” does not explain these differences in perception. The workshop will therefore integrate into the dialogue quantitative methods, as well as narrative analyses concerned with the social and cultural constructions around economic dynamics.

The selected candidates will have the opportunity to present and discuss their current research and to attend historiographical seminars held by specialists in the field.

Doctoral Research Fellowship (SKO 1017) in History, Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History (IAKH), University of Oslo

The position is associated with the Research Group "History of Capitalism", which offers exceptional opportunities to study the early modern and modern history of Europe in the world.

The deadline for this position is 14th March 2023.


Áreas. Revista Internacional de Ciencias Sociales. Núm. 43 (2022): Social and environmental effects of mining in Southern Europe

Áreas. Revista Internacional de Ciencias Sociales
Núm. 43 (2022): Social and environmental effects of mining in Southern Europe
Coordinated by José Joaquín García Gómez, Ángel Pascual Martínez Soto y Miguel Á. Pérez de Perceval
Publicado: 31-12-2022

New PhD Scholarships available at Trinity College Dublin

The Department of Economics at Trinity College Dublin seeks applications for two funded PhD studentships, as part of the Centre for Economics, Policy and History (CEPH), a new Government of Ireland-funded centre of excellence that links economic historians at Trinity College Dublin with Queen’s University Belfast. Successful candidates will be based in Dublin and, as part of the terms and funding of this scholarship, they will be expected to make an extended research visit to Belfast.
The two studentships are fully-funded for three years, covering all fees and providing a stipend. This stipend will support work towards a PhD, awarded on the basis of original research presented in a written thesis. The studentships are intended to support research into a substantive area of economic history under the supervision of one of the CEPH PIs (Prof Gaia Narciso, Prof Ronan Lyons, and Prof Marvin Suesse).

Call for Submissions: 2023 Tallinn Dissertation Prize in European Environmental History, European Society for Environmental History (ESEH) - Deadline extended

The European Society for Environmental History (ESEH) welcomes submissions for the 2023 Tallinn Dissertation Prize in European Environmental History. The Dissertation Prize aims to support early career environmental history scholars based in Europe or those based outside Europe but whose work contributes to European environmental history.

CfP: XLII APHES Conference "Labour and social norms", University of Porto, 16-17 June 2023

The XLII Annual Meeting of APHES welcomes paper and session proposals focusing on labour and social norms, irrespective of geographical and chronological frameworks. We particularly welcome papers that examine, from an interdisciplinary perspective, the evolution of work and the perception and organization of labour over time and in different geographies.

Funded PhD Scholarship in Economic History, University of Barcelona

A 4-year Doctoral Research Scholarship in Economic History, starting in September 2023, is available at the Economic History Department of the University of Barcelona.

The PhD candidate will write a dissertation in the context of a research project on “State capacity in Latin America (1870-2020): indicators, causes and consequences”, coordinated by Drs. Sergio Espuelas and Alfonso Herranz-Loncan.

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Η Δράση Αναβάθμιση και Ανανέωση του ιστοχώρου της Ελληνικής Εταιρείας Οικονομικής Ιστορίας χρηματοδοτείται από το Κοινωφελές Ίδρυμα Ιωάννη Σ. Λάτση, στο πλαίσιο του Προγράμματος Ενίσχυσης Επιστημονικών Εταιρειών 2016