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Economic History Society Postdoctoral Visiting Fellowships

08-02-2023 14:35

The Economic History Society, in conjunction with the Institute of Historical Research, offers up to three one-year postdoctoral Fellowships in economic and/or social history, tenable at the Institute from 1 October 2023. Fellows will not be required to be resident in London but should participate in the activities of the Institute by regular attendance at, and presentation of papers to, appropriate seminars – including the Fellows’ Seminar – and by giving information and help to fellow scholars working in the same field.

The Fellowships will be awarded to postdoctoral candidates who have recently completed a doctoral degree in economic and/or social history, or who will have submitted their thesis for examination by 1 October in the academic year in which the Fellowship is to be held. The Fellowships are open to candidates who are British citizens/holders of a degree from a British university/in the process of submission as noted above. It is the intention of the Economic History Society to promote work of a kind that might be published in the leading refereed academic journals in economic and/or social history. Fellows will be expected to pursue research in economic and/or social history at an advanced level with a view to publication.

These awards cannot be held in conjunction with any other substantial maintenance grant, nor can they be used to  fund a sabbatical year for the holder of a permanent academic position. Fellows may engage in teaching or other paid work for up to six hours per week.

It is important that applicants demonstrate that the research proposed in their applications is in the field of economic and/or social history.

The Fellowships will be worth £22,000 if you are affiliated with an institution based outside of London, or £24,000 if  you are affiliated with an institution based in London. The stipend will be payable in four instalments through the Institute.

In addition, the Economic History Society will fund travel costs for each Fellow for up to four visits to the Institute of Historical Research during the period of their Fellowship, subject to the provision of receipts and the Society’s standard procedures for funding travel expenses within the UK. Fellows are eligible to apply to the Economic History Society’s Research Fund for Graduate Students to support minor research costs and conference attendance.

Please note, applications must be received at the Institute of Historical Research no later than 17 April 2023. Incomplete applications, or applications arriving after this date, will not be considered.

Further information and a link to the online application form can be found at:


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