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Papers presented in the 3rd International Conference in Economic and Social History “Labour History: production, markets, relations, policies (from the late Middle ages to the early 21st century)”

30-05-2018 15:01

Papers presented in the 3rd International Conference in Economic and Social History “Labour History: production, markets, relations, policies (from the late Middle ages to the early 21st century)”, which organized by the Greek Economic History Association and the Department of History & Archaeology of the University of Ioannina  (Ioannina, 24-27 May 2017).

The papers are available in open access here:



Christina Christodoulidou, Antonis Kyparissis, The Political Economy of Labour; An attempt to delineate gender differences under the spectrum of heterodox approaches

Vassilis Nedos, “Commercial revolution” in the county of Flanders during 13th century. Developments in economic and professional activity in towns of the county. Political and economic interrelations between merchants and artisans. Historiographical notes.

Φωτεινή Καρλάφτη-Μουρατίδη, Δικαιοπραξίες εργασιακών σχέσεων στην Κέρκυρα (17ος αι.)

Silvia Milanesi, The Société de Protection des Apprentis et des Enfants Employés dans les Manufactures (1866-1914) and its «Bulletin». A source for Labour History

Marios Dimitriadis, Drama as a field for the promotion of the ideal of labour solidarity in Late Medieval English towns

Styliani Chatzopoulou, The coal mining occupation through English broadside ballads; Gender stereotypes and social implications

Domna Iordanidou, Miners, local communities, Company and State in the Interwar period: 1929, a    strike in Kassandra Mines (Halkidiki, Northern Greece)

Miltiadis Kipas, The evolution of production and of productivity of labour in the Balkans and in the Eastern Europe, 1989-until today

Dimitrios K. Apostolopoulos, The Gastarbeiter policy in post-war Germany

Στέφανος Βαμιεδάκης, Νέοι θεσμοί εργατικής συμμετοχής: Η Κοινωνικοποίηση των δημοσίων επιχειρήσεων στην Ελλάδα τη δεκαετία του 1980


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