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CfP 2018 European Social Science History Conference, Economic History Network

18-02-2017 13:12

European Social Science History Conference

4 April to 7 April 2018, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Economic History Network Call for Papers

The European Social Science History Conference is one of the largest congresses for the historical sciences in the world. It brings together scholars who explain historical phenomena using the methods of the social sciences. It welcomes participants working on a wide range of topics and any historical period.

The economic history network invites proposals for papers as well as sessions of 4 related papers each. We welcome proposals focusing on any aspect of the historical analysis of economic change using both quantitative and qualitative methods, on any region of Europe or the wider world. We especially look for receiving proposals from young scholars and proposals using interdisciplinary approaches that push the boundaries of economic history. Please note that for lack of space in the program we will, in principle, not consider proposals for multiple sessions, panel discussions, or roundtables.

Both paper and session proposals must be submitted through the ESSHC website by filling out the pre-registration form. If you wish to include your paper or session in our network, please select Economic History from the list of networks.

To propose a paper, submit a working title and an abstract of up to 500 words. To propose a session, submit a title and an abstract for the session and the list of participants. We ask you to suggest a chair and discussant(s) for your session, who may be the same person. All paper and session proposals must be submitted by 1 May 2017 at the latest. Applicants will be notified of the acceptance of their submissions by July 2017.

Chairs of the Economic History Network:

Christiaan van Bochove (Radboud University – corresponding chair:

M. Erdem Kabadayi (Koc University)

Tamas Vonyo (Bocconi University)

7ο Σεμινάριο
Οικονομικοί μετασχηματισμοί και πιστωτικές και εμπορικές σχέσεις στην Ανατολική Μεσόγειο: η περίπτωση της προαγοράς στην Κύπρο του 18ου αιώνα
6ο Σεμινάριο
Οι εφαρμοσμένες τέχνες και η σχεδίαση των προϊόντων: Γκρίζα ζώνη ή εναλλακτική πύλη της ελληνικής οικονομικής ιστορίας;
5ο Σεμινάριο
Ο οίκος των Αδερφών Ράλλη. Το αρχέτυπο της ελληνικής επιχειρηματικότητας της διασποράς


Η Δράση Αναβάθμιση και Ανανέωση του ιστοχώρου της Ελληνικής Εταιρείας Οικονομικής Ιστορίας χρηματοδοτείται από το Κοινωφελές Ίδρυμα Ιωάννη Σ. Λάτση, στο πλαίσιο του Προγράμματος Ενίσχυσης Επιστημονικών Εταιρειών 2016