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CfP for Research Project 2018-2020 "Fashion as an economic engine: process and product innovation, commercial strategies, consumer behavior", Istituto Internazionale di Storia Economica "F. Datini"

29-06-2018 12:16

Istituto "F. Datini" invites scholars to analyze the economic and commercial aspects of fashion in the pre-modern period (13th through 18th centuries) by considering the following questions. To what extent were innovations in products, technology, and marketing strategies for textiles and clothing during the pre-modern period responding to the social emulation and rapid pace of change characteristic of fashion? How did different types of consumers and behaviours stimulate the manufacture and trade in textiles, clothing, and dress accessories? Did particular price points or changing distributions of income allow consumers to make more choices about dress that supported individual aspirations? What role did cross-cultural contact play in the intensification of fashion in terms of the range of products available, new processes, and marketing strategies? How can economic historians draw on new methodologies and different types of sources for understanding the relationship between fashion and the economy? The Study Week will make a decisive contribution to our understanding of a fundamental transformation, the consequences of which project into contemporary society but matured in pre-industrial times: the economic power of fashion.
Deadline for submissions: 1.11.2018
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