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PhD candidate, or part-time Postdoc, Department of Economic History, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, University of Tübingen

14-11-2022 09:58

In the economic history working group at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, a position as Research Assistant (PhD candidate, or part-time Postdoc) (TV-L E13, 50%) is to be filled on April 1st, 2023 or later. The length of employment is planned to be 3 years.

We are looking for a junior researcher (called “research assistant” in German universities) with a background in economics (empirical economics, economic history, or econometrics), or -- under certain conditions -- similar fields.

We expect
- previous activities/courses in economic history or strong interest to move into this field
- skills in econometrics/statistics (in addition, work experience with databases is welcome)
- experience with writing texts in economics or history (a remarkably good master thesis, for example, or a seminar thesis)
- good or very good undergraduate and graduate degree (preferably economics or economic history)
- communicative skills (intercultural experience and writing skills in English are welcome)
- strong interest in research (as indicated by a research-focused thesis, for example)

The focus is on research, although a very moderate amount of teaching and other work are also required (see below). Possible topics of your research could focus on one of our research projects. For example, one new project focuses on the contribution of gender equality on long-term economic growth. New archaeological methods allow to trace this factor and to answer questions such as: when did differences between genders, say, in Eastern or Southern Europe or in India first occur? What were the causes and effects until today? We also study many research questions that have policy impact until today about numeracy, violence, inequality, social mobility and economic growth. You can specialize on any world region or on a single country, for example in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Asia, or European regions.

You will join a motivated and international research team that allows a lot of discussion about your research (for further information, please see the internet page of our group -- just google Joerg Baten). You will notice how pleasant it is to perform world-class research in a group of doctoral students and postdocs, with tutoring and advice from senior scholars if needed. For pre-docs, Tuebingen offers so-called “cumulative” doctoral work in economics, so the thesis will consist of several studies that can be partly joint work, and can be presented at workshops. Post-docs are expected to prepare the publications for a habilitation during this 3-year-period.
For working at our department, German language skills are not required. Active assistance in research and teaching (eight days of teaching per year, with a small number of students, on topics that are close to your research interests) is required at our department.

You will have funds for travelling to international conferences and the exciting experience to visit foreign countries for your research. You might also assist in writing a research grant. If this grant is approved, your gross income will double (if all legal requirements are fulfilled). Your regular presence at the department at Tuebingen University is required. Although Tuebingen is a small city (near Stuttgart), it offers a broad range of cultural, sportive and, of course, scientific opportunities.
Information about the application process

Please indicate in your letter:
A. Have you performed regression analysis using software like Stata or other software yourself?
B. Do you know what IV estimation is? Or are you willing to learn about it?
C. Did you have some course in economic history or would you be open to become an economic historian?
D. Are you able to work independently including writing texts? Please include 5 pages from your master thesis or similar.
E. Would you like to present your research at international conferences?

Applications are to be submitted, preferably in electronic form, with the usual documents (CV; copies of degrees from high school and university; short letter of motivation) as well as a 5 page excerpt of your master thesis or similar, by 30 November 2022 - to joerg.baten[at]

Questions can be directed to the Prof. Dr. Jörg Baten via Email, please do not phone.
The University of Tuebingen seeks to increase the proportion of women in the field of teaching and research and therefore strongly encourages suitably qualified female scholars to apply.
Disabled applicants will be preferred if they have the same qualifications as non-disabled applicants.

Professor Dr. Jörg Baten
University of Tübingen, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Department of Economic History
Melanchthonstr. 30, 72074 Tübingen


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