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Perspectivas - Journal of Political Science 25 (2021)

30-01-2022 01:23

Special issue: Environmental Histories of Mediterranean Fascisms

“This special issue aims to explore the environmental dimension and engagement of Mediterranean fascist regimes inclusive of their colonial possessions. Methodologically, this has firstly implied to go beyond the narrow understanding of environmental history as a discipline putting at the centre of its analysis natural or ecological elements and, secondly, to bridge environmental history with political and social history, and other historical subfields. Among the many themes touched in this volume, we would like to stress three more significant and overarching issues: reclamation as a material and ideological regeneration of people and places;modernity as the ideology through which fascist regimes employed science and technology to create socio-ecologies at the service of their goals; and colonization (internal and external) as the concrete laboratory where reclamation and modernity were experimented as forms of control, regime-building, and oppression” (Editorial).

The special issue  "Environmental Histories of Mediterranean Fascisms"  contains two articles that address issues relating to Spanish colonization. The first is about Colonization in Badajoz Province, and the second about the Environmental Coloniality in Francoist Spain. The other two articles focus on European Countries. One of them analyzes the Italian fascist modernization and colonial landscape in Albania and the other one makes us reflect about Greece under Metaxas’ Regime. The last two articles concern fascist colonialism in Libya and Mozambique.


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Αναλυτικά τα περιεχόμενα του τεύχους

Environmental Histories of Mediterranean Fascisms
Marco Armiero, Roberta Biasillo, Paulo Guimarães


Research articles
"Deeply Human, Fundamentally Social": Fascism and Internal Colonization in Badajoz Province during the Early Franco Dictatorship
David Henderson

A simple overflow? Environmental Coloniality in Francoist Spain (1950-1979)
Pablo Corral-Broto, Antonio Ortega Santos

Italian fascist modernisation and colonial landscape in Albania 1925-1943
Enriketa Pandelejmoni

Perceptions and Uses of the Land: Agrarian Rhetoric and Agricultural Policy in Greece under Metaxas’ Regime (1936-1941)
Dimitris Douros, Dimitris Angelis-Dimakis

Killing Fields: Environment, Agency, and the Fascist Conquest of Colonial Libya
Roberta Pergher

Violence, Science, and Cotton in Colonial-Fascist Mozambique (1934-1974)
Paulo Guimarães



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