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The Economic History Review, Volume 73 - Issue 4: November 2020

16-12-2020 12:43

Issue Information
Pages: 883-884 

Mites and merchants: the crisis of English wool and textile trade revisited, c. 1275–1330
Philip Slavin
Pages: 885-913

Taxation, fiscal capacity, and credible commitment in eighteenth‐century China: the effects of the formalization and centralization of informal surtaxes
Yu Hao Kevin Zhengcheng Liu
Pages: 914-939

Patents and invention in Jamaica and the British Atlantic before 1857 
Aaron Graham
Pages: 940-963

The rise of coffee in the Brazilian south‐east: tariffs and foreign market potential, 1827–40
Christopher David Absell
Pages: 964-990 

Infant and child mortality by socio‐economic status in early nineteenth‐century England 
Hannaliis Jaadla Ellen Potter Sebastian Keibek Romola Davenport
Pages: 991-1022 

Unequal access to food during the nutritional transition: evidence from Mediterranean Spain
Francisco J. Medina‐Albaladejo Salvador Calatayud
Pages: 1023-1049 

Living standards and the life cycle: reconstructing household income and consumption in the early twentieth‐century Netherlands
Corinne Boter
Pages: 1050-1073 

Officer retention and military spending: the rise of the military‐industrial complex during the Second World War
Ahmed S. Rahman 
Pages: 1074-1096 

Origins of regional divergence: economic growth in socialist Yugoslavia
Leonard Kukić
Pages: 1097-1127 

Spinning their wheels: a reply to Jane Humphries and Benjamin Schneider
Robert C. Allen
Pages: 1128-1136 

Losing the thread: a response to Robert Allen
Jane Humphries Benjamin Schneider
Pages: 1137-1152 

List of publications on the economic and social history of Great Britain and Ireland published in 2019
Matthew Hale Graham Raymond Catherine Wright
Pages: 1153-1202 

John Hatcher and Judy Z. Stephenson, eds., Seven centuries of unreal wages. The unreliable data, sources and methods that have been used for measuring standards of living in the past ( London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018. Pp. xiv + 317. 32 figs. 24 tabs. ISBN 978‐3‐319‐96961‐9 Hbk. £109.99)
Jane Humphries
Pages: 1203-1204 

David Stone, ed., The accounts of the manor of Esher in the Winchester Pipe Rolls, 1235–1376 ( Woking: Surrey Record Society, vol. xlvi, 2017. Pp. lxxvii + 438. 11 figs. 9 tabs. 7 plates. ISBN 9780902978218. £30)
James Davis
Pages: 1204-1206 

Pizzoni, Giada, British Catholic merchants in the commercial age, 1670–1714 ( Woodbridge: Boydell, 2020. Pp. xiii + 214. 5 figs. 4 tabs. ISBN 9781783274383 Hbk. £70)
Eleanor Russell
Pages: 1206-1207 

Banaji, Jairus, A brief history of commercial capitalism ( Chicago: Haymarket Books, 2020. Pp. 197. ISBN 978‐1‐6459‐132‐3 Hbk. £15.67)
Lord Desai
Pages: 1207-1208 

Harris, Ron, Going the distance: Eurasian trade and the rise of the business corporation, 1400–1700 ( Princeton, NJ, and Oxford: Princeton University Press, 2020. Pp. xiii + 465. 28 b/w illus. 20 tabs. 14 maps. ISBN 9780691150772 Hbk. £34)
Karolina Hutková
Pages: 1208-1210 

Livesey, James, Provincializing global history: money, ideas, and things in the Languedoc, 1660–1830 ( New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2020. Pp. x+214. ISBN 9780300237160 Hbk. £35).
David Todd
Pages: 1210-1212 

Forrest, Alan, The death of the French Atlantic. Trade, war, and slavery in the age of revolution ( Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020. Pp. v + 352. 6 maps. ISBN 9780199568956. Hbk. £35)
Aaron Graham
Pages: 1212-1213 

Hillbom, Ellen and Green, Erik, An economic history of development in sub‐Saharan Africa: economic transformations and political changes ( Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019. Pp. xvii + 286. 15 tabs. ISBN 9783030140076 Pbk. £39.99)
Mariusz Lukasiewicz
Pages: 1213-1214 

Harlaftis, Gelina, Creating global shipping: Aristotle Onassis, the Vagliano Brothers, and the business of shipping, c. 1820–1970 ( Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019. Pp. viii + 375. 46 figs. 5 maps. 46 tabs. ISBN 9781108475396 Hbk. £90)
C. Knick Harley
Pages: 1214-1215 

Klein, Herbert S. and Luna, Francisco Vidal, Modern Brazil: a social history ( New York and Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020. Pp. xv + 419. 3 maps. 88 graphs. 95 tabs. ISBN 9781108489027 Hbk. £79.99; ISBN 9781108733298 Pbk. £26.99)
Gail Triner
Pages: 1216-1217 


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