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CfP Pre-ESHET YSI workshop: Interdependencies, Causation, and Synergies between Economic History and the History of Economics. Lille, 22.5.2019

02-01-2019 14:01

Interdependencies, Causation, and Synergies between Economic History and the History of Economics

Pre-ESHET YSI workshop
May 22, 2019 in Lille, France

Organised by: YSI History of Economic Thought and Economic History Working Groups

How do economic history and the history of economics complement but also constrain each other? To what degree should historians of economics care about recent research in economic history and vice versa? Can either discipline dispute the causality or responsibility claims of the other? This workshop aims at bringing together historians of economics and economic historians to foster a better understanding of each discipline and create potential synergies. Candidates should be interested in understanding how developments in economic thinking changed the course of economic history at crucial junctures, and the effects of specific historical events on economic thinking. We are calling for participants whose research combines both disciplines (as well as social and political history). While their research may fall more into either camp (the history of economics or economic history), participants should be interested in discussing how their work connects to the other field as well, and express an active interest in
transdisciplinary research.

The workshop will be led by professors Marc Flandreau (U. Pennsylvania) and Carolyn Biltoft (Graduate Institute, Geneva). YSI will provide travel stipends and accommodation during the workshop and the ESHET conference for selected candidates. To apply please fill out this form:

For further information please contact the organizers:

Marc Adam (Free University of Berlin); Johanna Gautier (Graduate Institute, Geneva), Laura de la Villa Alemán (University of Geneva), Adriana Calcagno (University of Paris I and University of Geneva).


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