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Frontier of Economics in China 13/3 (2018), special issue "Chinese Economic History"

19-10-2018 08:31

The revue Frontier of Economics in China (vol. 13, issue 3, Sept. 2018), has just released a special issue on "Chinese Economic History", guest-edited by Debin Ma (London School of Economics).

The seven articles discuss urban and rural economy, the monetary system, as well as the organization of financial institutions in pre-modern China. The articles reflected three distinctive features: the emphasis on the primary importance of institutions and ideology, the employment of comparative (mostly with Europe) perspective and the systematic application of quantitative analyses based on new archives and data. Free online access at:


Debin Ma, Cong Liu
Money, Finance and Commerce in Chinese History: An Introduction with Reference to the Special Issue

Yi Xu, Bas van Leeuwen, Jan Luiten van Zanden
Urbanization in China, ca. 1100–1900 Zhiwu Chen, Kaixiang Peng, Weipeng Yuan Usury, Market Power and Poverty Traps: A Study of Rural Credit in 1930s' China

Sheng Qian, Lemin Wu
Who Defended Monetary Stability in a Specie Regime? Evidence from the Chinese History

Hongzhong Yan, Zhijian Qiao, Chen Xu
A Multi-Layer System and its Features: Reconceptualizing the Monetary Regime of Late Qing and Modern China

Liuyan Zhao, Yan Zhao
Purchasing Power Parity and Price Fluctuations in China before July 1937

Meng Wu
How Did the Chinese ShanxiMerchants Determine the Remittance Fees? Micro Firm Analysis of Rishengchang Piaohao

Jinsong Zhao, Hao Pang
Surviving Unstable Property Rights in Early Modern China: A Case Study of Young Brother Bank


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