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CfP: Special Issue on Government and Economic Development in History

02-08-2023 22:00

The Journal of Government and Economics is pleased to announce a special issue on Government and Economic Development in History. This special issue aims to bring together cutting-edge research in economic history and political economy that explores the various ways in which government interventions and policies have shaped economic development throughout history. Professor Stephen Broadberry of Oxford University will be the editor of the special issue.

Economic historians have long recognized the significant influence of government actions on economic outcomes. From ancient civilizations to modern nation-states, governments have played a pivotal role in shaping economic institutions, fostering innovation, and driving economic growth. By understanding the historical context and examining the diverse strategies employed by governments, we can gain valuable insights into the successes, failures, and lessons learned from past experiences.

We invite submissions of original research papers that shed light on the multifaceted relationship between government and economic development. Potential topics of interest for this special issue include, but are not limited to:

- Economic growth in pre-industrial societies.
- Government and industrialization processes.
- Public investment and economic growth in history.
- Role of government in fostering technological innovation.
- Government and income inequality in history.
- Comparative analyses of different government systems and their impact on development.
- Historical case studies of successful or failed government-led development strategies.
- Political economy of government interventions in economic development.
- Government and the role of institutions in economic growth.

We encourage researchers to adopt interdisciplinary approaches and draw upon historical data, archival sources, empirical analysis, and theoretical frameworks to address these and related topics. Submissions that provide novel insights into the historical context, offer comparative perspectives, or contribute to theoretical advancements in the field of economic history are particularly welcome.

Submission Guidelines:

Manuscripts should be submitted through the online submission system of JGE before January 30, 2024, indicating that they are intended for the special issue on Government and Economic Development in History.

We are excited to receive your contributions and look forward to assembling a collection of outstanding research papers that shed light on the historical role of government in economic development. This special issue will provide a platform for engaging discussions and contribute to the advancement of our understanding of the complex relationship between government policies and economic outcomes.


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