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2nd International Congress on Business History "Crises, Transitions and Resiliencies: New views on companies in France and in the French speaking world", Paris (France), 14-16 June 2023

06-06-2023 00:28

The Paris Business History Conference is now available:

The conference will be opened on Wednesday, June 14 by Professor Teresa Da Silva, former president of the BHC (Business History Conference) and current president of the EBHA (European Business History Association). 

On the same day, starting at 10 am, a Doctoral school will bring together, under the responsibility of Professors Sébastien Damart and Albert David, 9 doctoral students at the University of Paris Dauphine. 

The conclusion will be made on Friday June 16th at ESCP by Prof. Youssef Cassis (European Institute of Florence). 

Many stands of associations, publishers or partners will be present (BNF, Annales des Mines, Revue française de gestion, Crédit Agricole-Maisons de Salins, IHA, AHMO, Peter Lang, La Poste, AFMArketing, Albin Michel, etc...). The Morlaix bookstore, well known to participants in the Blois History Days, will offer a range of works on the history of companies.

It is still possible to register and participate in the congress


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