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European Review of Economic History, Volume 24 - Issue 4: November 2020

16-12-2020 14:36

A reassessment of the Great Divergence debate: towards a reconciliation of apparently distinct determinants 
Victor Court
Pages 633–674,

Networks and trade costs in commodity markets during the late nineteenth century: a new dataset and evidence 
Alexander Pütz, Pierre L Siklos, Christoph Sulewski
Pages 675–695,

Filling the ranks: the Remplacement Militaire in post-revolutionary France 
Louis Rouanet, Ennio E Piano
Pages 696–715,

Factor endowments and international trade: a study of land embodied in trade on the Baltic Sea region, 1750–1856 
Dimitrios Theodoridis, Klas Rönnbäck, Werner Scheltjens
Pages 716–735,

Sooner than you think: the Pre-1914 UK Productivity Slowdown was Victorian not Edwardian 
Nicholas Crafts, Terence C Mills
Pages 736–748,

The origins of the (cooperative) species: Raiffeisen banking in the Netherlands, 1898–1909 
Christopher L Colvin, Stuart Henderson, John D Turner
Pages 749–782,

The impact of sectoral shifts on Dutch unmarried women’s labor force participation, 1812–1929 
Corinne Boter, Pieter Woltjer
Pages 783–817,

“Till debt do us part”: financial implications of the divorce of the Irish Free State from the United Kingdom, 1922–1926 
John Fitzgerald, Seán Kenny
Pages 818–842,


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