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Turkish Historical Review Volume 11 (2020): Issue 1 (Nov 2020)

27-11-2020 19:25

Turkish Historical Review, Volume 11 (2020): Issue 1 (Nov 2020)

Editor: Antonis Anastasopoulos 
Publisher: Brill


Table of Contents

The Newly Found Oldest Patriarchal Berat 
Author: Phokion Kotzageorgis 
Pages: 1–27 

Politics, Economy, and Çiftliks: The History of Four Çiftliks in Larissa (Yenişehir-i Fener) 
Author: Aysel Yildiz 
Pages: 28–65 

Agricultural Knowledge, Local Environment, and the Experts: Silkworm Production in Nineteenth-Century Bursa 
Author: Zeynep Akçakaya 
Pages: 66–100 

Ottoman History, Neohellenic History, and Maritime History on the ‘Dispersed City’ of the Islands of the Ottoman Empire 
Author: Gelina Harlaftis 
Pages: 101–117 

Khaled Fahmy, In Quest of Justice: Islamic Law and Forensic Medicine in Modern Egypt 
Author: Kenneth M. Cuno 
Pages: 119–124 

Jennifer L. Derr, The Lived Nile: Environment, Disease, and Material Colonial Economy in Egypt 
Author: Faisal Husain 
Pages: 125–127 

Marinos Sariyannis, with a chapter by E. Ekin Tuşalp Atiyas, A History of Ottoman Political Thought up to the Early Nineteenth Century 
Author: Alp Eren Topal 
Pages: 128–131


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