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Journal of Social History, 53/4 (Summer 2020)

15-06-2020 12:52

The latest issue of Journal of Social History 53/4 (2020) with a special issue on "Mapping Modern Rejuvenation" is published.


Special Issue: Mapping Modern Rejuvenation

Mapping Modern Rejuvenation: An Introduction 
Kristine Alexander, Mischa Honeck, Isabel Richter

Rubble and Rebirth: Postwar Rejuvenation and the Erasure of History 
Mischa Honeck

Soft Rejuvenation: Cosmetics, Idealized White Femininity, and Young Women’s Bodies, 1880–1930 
Michelle J Smith, Jane Nicholas

The Sexual Clock: Middle-Aged American Women and Sexual Vitality in the 1960s and 1970s 
Leslie Paris

Imperial Rejuvenations: Youth, Empire, and the Problem of Accelerated Aging in “Tropical” Colonies, ca. 1800–1914 
David M Pomfret



The Emmet’s Inch: Small History in a Digital Age 
Julia Laite

Gender, Violence, and Justice in Colonial Assam: The Webb Case, c. 1884 
Ashley Wright

The Poetics of Narrativity: Understanding Trauma, Temporality, and Spatiality Forty Years after the Birmingham Pub Bombings 
Saima Nasar, Gavin Schaffer

Integration or Separation? Malcolm X’s College Debates, Free Speech, and the Challenge to Racial Liberalism on Campus 
Garrett Felber

Don’t Forget to Say “Thank You”: Toward a Modern History of Gratitude 
Ruthann Clay, Peter N Stearns






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