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Postdoc in European Research (1-3 positions), Centre for European Research at the University of Gothenburg (CERGU)

31-03-2023 11:02

The position consists of a unique double affiliation with the multidisciplinary Centre for European Research at the University of Gothenburg (CERGU) combined with employment and office located at a relevant department (henceforth referred to as a home department) within one of the three faculties: the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the School of Business, Economics and Law.

CERGU was established in 1995, and the centre’s network-based structure allows our scholars to combine disciplinary depth with multidisciplinary insights on European issues. CERGU’s mission is to promote multidisciplinary research on Europe and serve as a knowledge hub stimulating multidisciplinary and policy-relevant debate on European challenges. CERGU has a strong emphasis on ‘talent development’ of young researchers. We offer a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere and provide an opportunity for early career scholars to pursue their own multidisciplinary research project in European research, in line with CERGU research themes, for two years.

Subject area
European Research

Subject area description
CERGU has four thematic areas of research:

- Cultural Borders

- Mobility and Migration in Europe

- Institutions, Parties and Movements

- External Relations, Security and Trade

These themes are described in more detail on the CERGU website. We encourage potential applicants to describe in their application how their proposed project and merits may benefit from, and contribute to, the CERGU environment and our thematic areas of research. It is equally encouraged to identify researchers and projects with matching research interests at one or more departments at the three faculties.

Job assignments
Postdoctoral researchers will be expected to engage in a multidisciplinary environment whose overall ambition is to pursue high quality research with the potential to have a significant impact on European research. We will expect the postdocs to contribute to the research environment while independently conducting their own proposed research. In addition, the postdocs will be expected to organise a conference or workshop during their employment as well as to present their research at conferences. CERGU headquarters is located in Gothenburg and postdocs are expected to actively participate in CERGU activities, such as weekly breakfasts, regular working seminars, guest seminars, conferences, and public events. We take a positive view to engaging our postdocs in the running of the CERGU network and responsibilities and tasks associated with this work may be allocated to the postdocs following separate agreements.

Normally the postdoc positions are combined with up to 20% teaching, however, this must be agreed on with the relevant home department. Many of the researchers affiliated with CERGU carry out parts of their teaching within the educational programs of European Studies (Centre for European Studies, CES) as well as within their home departments.

Eligible to be employed as a postdoctoral fellow is someone who has a doctorate in one of CERGU’s thematic areas of research or a closely related subject at the latest at the time the employment decision is made. In the first instance, those who have completed their degree no more than three years before the end of the application period should be considered. Applications made by applicants who have completed their degree earlier than three years before the end of the application period may be considered subject to special reasons.

For more information regarding eligibility please visit The appointment procedure GU 2022/38

You must have a doctoral degree at the latest at the time the employment decision is made. In assessing candidates, particular attention will be given to scientific proficiency. Both the project description (research plan), necessary research skills and previous research merits of relevance to the proposed project (CV) will be considered. The proposed research project must have a clear European dimension in relation to one (or more) of CERGU’s research themes, be of high scientific relevance, and be possible to complete within two years. The research plan should also include information on dissemination strategies. The assessment will consider how the proposed project may benefit from, and contribute to, the CERGU environment and our thematic areas of research.

The position is 80%, for two years, placed at a department suitable to the project and academic background of the postdoc researcher, from 1st of October 2023, or as agreed upon. The positions are normally combined with up to 20% teaching, but this must be agreed upon with the relevant home department.

Contact information for the post 
Andreas Moberg, Director, +46 (0)31 786 5677, andreas.moberg[at],
Kristina Gurok, Research Coordinator, +46 (0)31 7865855, kristina.gurok[at],
or Linda Karlsson Hammarfelt, Chair of the Steering Committee: linda.karlsson.hammarfelt[at]
If you have any questions regarding the employment procedure, please contact Helena Jensen, Helena.Jensen[at] 

Union representatives at the University of Gothenburg can be found here: 

In order to apply for a position at the University of Gothenburg, you must create an account in the online recruitment system. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete in accordance with the instructions in the job advertisement, and that it is submitted before the deadline. The selection of candidates is made on the basis of the qualifications registered in the application system. Any documents that are not available in electronic format should be mailed to: University of Gothenburg, Centre for European Research CERGU, Box 714, SE-40530 Gothenburg, Sweden, by 15 May 2023.

CERGU’s Steering Committee will make the final decision about appointments in consultation with the relevant departments, based on assessments made by a working committee, the steering committee members and potential external reviewers. A list of top candidates will be selected by mid-June, interviews will be conducted in mid-August and successful candidates will be notified by mid-September 2023.

Application online (in English) should include:

- A cover letter explaining the applicant’s reasons for applying to CERGU and the connection to one (or more) of CERGU’s thematic areas of research and the relevant department at the University of Gothenburg
- An abstract of the research plan, max 150 words (including project title)
- The research plan (max 10.000 characters including spaces, including list of references)
- CV
- The dissertation and other relevant publications (max 3 additional publications)

Documentation to support eligibility for the position needs to be submitted in Swedish or English for guaranteed acceptance. Applicants may be required to provide official translations into either Swedish or English of such documentation if submitted in other languages.

Applications must be received by: 15.5.2023


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