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European Macro History Online Seminars, Graduate Institute, Geneva, 21.4-9.6.2020

23-04-2020 12:49

The Graduate Institute and a consortium of sixteen other institutions is launching a Europe-wide virtual seminar in Macroeconomic History. At a time when general confinement had led to university closures and widespread cancellations of seminar series, workshops and conferences, this initiative aims to keep the flow of intellectual debate active.
A virtual format has important advantages, namely, by abolishing physical constraints, so we can have more participants joining in from compatible time zones than the conventional seminars. This is good for the presenters, who are exposed to a broader audience and also for the audience, who can choose to attend seminar series closer to their own research interests. This advantage is greater for specialized sub-disciplines. This is the reason why we launched a seminar in macro history. Finally, co-ordinating a joint seminar series provides economies of scale in time use. 

The seminar meets on Tuesdays at 4pm CET from April 21st to June 9th.

The full program and sign-up form for Zoom can be found on the website:


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