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Mediterranean Historical Review 33/1 (2018)

19-10-2018 10:44

New issue:


Ram Ben-Shalom, The messianic journey of Jonathan ha-Kohen of Lunel to the Land of Israel re-examined

Ariadni Moutafidou, Italian state politics and the disruptive factor of volunteer groups

Iosif Maravelakis, British policy in the Cretan Question (1893–1913): prioritizing between diplomatic and economic affairs

Leda Papastefanaki, From Santorini to Trieste and Suez: scientific knowledge, discovery and use of Theran earth in the Mediterranean (from the end of the eighteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century)

Alexis Rappas, Memorial soliloquies in post-colonial Rhodes and the ghost of Mediterranean cosmopolitanism

Book Reviews

Antony Hostein, Globalisation and the Roman world: world history, connectivity and material culture, edited by Martin Pitts and Miguel John Versluys

Amy Singer, Geographical knowledge and imperial culture in the early modern Ottoman Empire, by Pınar Emiralioğlu

Colin Imber, The Ottoman conquest of the Balkans: interpretations and research debates, edited by Oliver Jens Schmitt

Edhem Eldem, Reading clocks, alla Turca: time and society in the Late Ottoman Empire, by Avner Wishnitzer

Dzavid Dzanic, Imperial Unknowns: the French and British in the Mediterranean, 1650–1750, by Cornel Zwierlein

Bruce Maddy-Weitzman, Algeria revisited: history, culture and identity, edited by Rabah Aissaoui and Claire Eldridge

Dafna Langgut, Mediterranean Holocene climate, environment and human societies, edited by Alexandra Gogou, Adam Izdebski and Karin Holmgren


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