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Historical Life Course Studies

30-09-2015 23:16

The European Historical Population Samples Network (EHPS-Net) is happy to announce the launch of Historical Life Course Studies, a new peer-reviewed No-Fee Open Access journal of EHPS-Net, funded by the European Science Foundation (ESF). You can find the journal at the website:

 See the volume 2/2015 here:

Historical Life Course Studies is of interest to all scholars who are looking for reliable contributions in the broad fields of historical demography, epidemiology, social and economic history, historical migration studies, and historical sociology. The journal is of special interest to scholars (database managers, programmers, social scientists) who are concerned with methodological issues involved in working with large historical databases.

The editors are welcoming papers which deal with data from large historical databases, in particular :

- research papers dealing with historical demographic issues with the help of micro-level data.
- methodological papers on new or existing large historical databases, scripts, database-structures, algorithms, extraction programs, etc.
Manuscripts can be submitted through the website of the journal:


Koen Matthijs, Editor

Paul Puschmann, Associate Editor

Family and Population Studies (FaPOS)

Centre for Sociological Research

KU Leuven, Belgium


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