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Call for papers for the Young Scholars Initiative & Figuerola Institute "Economic History Workshop of Developing Regions", Carlos III University of Madrid, 16 February 2024

01-11-2023 10:43

Young Scholars Initiative and Figuerola Institute invite you to the Economic History Workshop of Developing Regions at Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M). There has been recent growth in the economic history literature on developing countries, backed by quantified evidence. However, this expansion lags significantly behind the well-established corpus of literature centered on the core European and North American contexts. Bridging this gap in the literature is crucial to comprehensively addressing the major questions in economic history. Indeed, we still lack comparable historical datasets of markets, land ownership, human capital, and tax records in developing regions due to limited access to primary sources and insufficient funding opportunities.

The organizing committee cordially encourages you to submit your working paper, preferably quantitative, on any topic and peripheral region (including the periphery of Europe). Scheduled for February 16, 2024, the one-day workshop will be hosted at Getafe Campus of UC3M in Madrid.

Professor Giovanni Federico from New York University Abu Dhabi will deliver the keynote speech. Young scholars in attendance will also benefit from the comments of experienced scholars from various institutions working on different topics and regions. The academic committee will consist of Christopher Absell (U. of Gothenburg), Dácil Juif (UC3M), Laura Maravall (U. of Alcalá), Leonard Kukić (UC3M), and María Gómez León (U. of Valencia). The collaborative effort of the Young Scholars Initiative and the Figuerola Institute in undertaking this workshop holds the potential to enrich academic knowledge within the field, bringing together diverse perspectives.

The submission deadline for extended abstracts (max. 1000 words) is December 1, 2023. Please use the application form to submit your extended abstracts. There is no submission fee. Authors of accepted papers will receive notifications by mid-December 2023. To facilitate discussion, 8000-word papers must be submitted to the organizing committee by January 31, 2024. Accommodation will be provided by the organizing committee. Travel stipends are not guaranteed but will be provided based on availability.

Organizing committee:
Onur Yükçü (UC3M) - oyukcu[at]
Víctor Gómez Blanco (UV and Figuerola Institute) - victor.m.gomez[at]

More information:


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