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The History of Work Conference, Centre for Labour Studies, University of Malta, Valletta, 13.10.2023

10-10-2023 09:33

This University of Malta one-day international and interdisciplinary symposium on The History of Work is inspired by the work of E.P. Thompson, and organised to coincide with the 60th anniversary of his foundational book, The Making of the English Working Class (1963).
It will take place on the 13th October 2023 at the Valletta Campus of the University, with further details to follow.

The conference is organised with the Centre for Labour Studies at the University of Malta, which aims to strengthen the University's link with working persons, employers and the world of work at large; and promote social dialogue, active involvement and the effective participation of workers, and their representatives, in specific workplaces and in labour policy more generally. It is also organised in collaboration with Works in Progress Seminar series (WIPSS), convened by Prof. Peter Mayo, Dr Michael Briguglio, and Francois Zammit. The mission of WIPSS is to offer a forum for active and socially-engaged dialogue, through a seminar-based interface between the University of Malta community and civil society.

The History of Work Programme

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