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4th Seminar: Yiannis Kokkinakis, "War games or why we are unprepared for the public health crisis"

Kokkinakis Yiannis (University of Crete)
Nikos Theoharakis (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)


In my presentation I will rely on a wide range of sources (including reports and depositions to the U.S. Congress, European Union documents, bio-terrorist attack simulations and exercises, series scripts, etc.) in order to explore the rationale behind potential threats, which prey on the current addiction to video games and disaster movies. Τhe language and rationale used in the “script” of such bioterrorism exercises as Dark Winter [June 22-23, 2001], a bio attack with a “smallpox weapon”, were not dissimilar to those used by Hollywood writers responsible for popular 1990s biotech movies and early 21st century TV series including Fringe [2008-2013] and Strike Back [2010]. My intention is to explore the mechanism that consolidates a sense of vulnerability and an urgent need for state funds to be disbursed in building up reserves for specialized medicinal products and vaccines, alongside the requisite surveillance and reporting systems. The imposition of states of emergency in response to public health crises emerges as the natural conclusion of an ongoing process, whereby private corporate interests take precedence over the social interest.

Date and time: Monday 8 March 2021, (15:00-17:00)

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