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3rd Seminar: Antonis Hadjikyriacou, "Digital tools in economic and environmental history: the nineteenth-century property and cartographic surveys of Cyprus"

Hadjikyriacou Antonis (Panteion University, Stanford University)
Socrates Petmezas (University of Crete, IMS/FORTH)


The presentation examines the possibilities of employing Geographic Information Systems for the combined analysis of quantitative and cartographic sources to inquire into the relationship between economy, environment, and landscape in nineteenth-century Cyprus. This research is based on the Ottoman property survey of 1832/33 and the first modern trigonometrical map commissioned by the British administration in 1881-83. Despite the fact that both sources constitute for different reasons unique moments of the rural and urban landscape of Cyprus, thus rendering any generalisation a difficult endeavour, the wealth of the data remains important for understanding the relationship between economy and environment on the island. Employing the methods of deep mapping, the presentation will discuss the findings of the processing and analysis of data derived from a volume of 1,386 pages with reference to 894 geographic objects, 20,211 households, 25,163 individuals, and 99,532 properties. The valuable geographic information of the 1883 map further allow examining the correlations of these economic data with the environment and landscape of the time.

Date and time: Monday 1 February 2021 (16:00-18:00)

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